Becoming a full member of the Picture Framers Guild of Australia Inc. and displaying the Guild logo projects a powerfull statement about your business. It shows others in our industry, and more importantly your customer base, that you are committed to achieving the highest standard in the care and framing of your customer’s work. This is the most important aspect of the PFGA however there are other benefits. These include the following:

  • Belonging to a group who share similar ideas and are prepared to help one another.
  • Having an organisation who will speak on behalf of the industry.
  • Having access to information either through the membership base or via the internet through the PFGA web site. This Benefit provides an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Promotion of your business through the PFGA web site via a listing in the member’s directory and web site links.
  • Having industry standards and a code of ethics
  • Being part of an organisation that actively seeks to increase public awareness of appropriate framing standards and facilitates the Nationally accredited Certificate 3 in Picture Framing throughout Australia.
  • Access to seminars at a reduced fee
  • Voting rights at annual general meetings (Full Members only)
  • Having an opportunity to participate in decision making by being involved in the PFGA committee (Full Members only)
  • Having an opportunity to participate in industry surveys
  • Linking your web site to the PFGA web site
  • Having a membership certificate and door decal (Full Members only) to display (issued annually)
  • Having support in a wide range of workplace relations issues such as;
    • Workshops and seminars in respect of workplace relations, OH &S, employment matters and sales training
    • Telephone and written advise in regard to all employment matters e.g.;
      • Wage Rates
      • Conditions of employment
      • Contracts of Employment
      • Australian Workplace Agreements
      • Employment Policies and Procedures
      • Employment Documentation
      • Occupational Health and Safety
      • Workcover
      • Long service Leave
      • Superannuation
  • A range of discounted services from a variety of providers such as:
  • Point of sale brochures and other merchandise that will promote and develop close links with your customers
    • Compliance Label – For placement on the back of completed work indicating the PFGA standard to which the framing meets
    • Brochures – Three brochure are available for members.
      Guild Indusrty Standards
      Care of Framed Art
      Preparing Your Needleart For Framing
  • Industry news and events posted to the web site
  • Mentoring program for framers new to the industry