Prospective employees seeking employment in the Picture Framing Industry are invited to advertise their interest on the PFGA website.

Details of the Position sought should include; –

  • Contact details,
  • Location including State or Territory,
  • Title of position sought; e.g. Apprentice, Picture Framer, Picture Framer in charge of manufacturing and picture framing, Retail Assistant, Retail Manager,
  • Apprenticeship, new position or amount of experience, (if appropriate),
  • If experienced, a summary of picture framing or retails duties performed relevant to the position sought,
  • Status of position, i.e. Full time, part time, casual or maximum term,
  • Hours of work per week,
  • Other relevant information, (e.g. ideal commencement date).

Do not attach your resume or provide details of remuneration sought.

These details are to be confidential between the prospective employer and the prospective employee.  Your resume should be forwarded directly to the prospective employer prior to an interview.

If you are seeking a position and wish to post on the PFGA website, please contact the Executive Officer at admin@pfga.org.au