Unfortunately, the Holmesglen Institute of TAFE in 2018 decided not to continue with the provision of the Picture Framing Apprenticeship, except for current apprentices.  This decision along with the Apprenticeship not being available from TAFEs in other States and Territories presents a significant issue to the Picture Framing Industry across Australia.

The PFGA was and still is responsible for the development and promotion of the Picture Framing Apprenticeship in Australia.  It is through the continual efforts of President, Mark Heydon and Executive Officer, Neil Craven that many Picture Framers were able to avail themselves of the many benefits associated with the Apprenticeship.

Picture Framers are advised that the PFGA is currently holding discussions with the relevant Departments in the Federal and State Government to ensure the recommencement and

the continuation of the Picture Framing Industry Apprenticeship in Victoria and also for all States and Territories.

The PFGA is committed to the Apprenticeship and is working very diligently to restore the Apprenticeship.


For the Picture Framing Apprenticeship to continue and more importantly to be available in all States and Territories, The PFGA on behalf of the Picture Framing Industry requires the support form its members and the Picture framing Industry.

The PFGA would appreciate letters of support from Picture Framers;

  • Who are currently employing apprentices;
  • Who have previously engaged and benefited from employing Apprentices. Please state in a few sentences the benefits to your business arising from the employment of apprentices;
  • Who would like to employ Apprentices in the future;
  • Who would like to convert an existing employee or employees to the Apprenticeship.
  • Who would like to convert existing employees to Apprentices.

Picture Framers’ letters of support should be on your Company’s letterhead and addressed to

Neil Craven

Executive Officer

Picture Framers Guild of Australia
P O Box 3075

Picture Framers letters of support may be emailed to the Executive Officer at or mailed to the above address.

Your assistance and support is necessary and vital in our discussions with Government authorities and also for the continuation of the Picture Framing Apprenticeship.

Your assistance will be very much appreciated by the PFGA.

Picture Framers who respond will be advised of all developments by direct email and all further developments will published on this website and in PFGA Member newsletters.

Thank you for your assistance.