Picture Framers are advised that the Picture Framers Guild of Australia, (PFGA), is currently holding discussions with the relevant Departments in the Federal and State Government to ensure the recommencement of the Picture Framing Industry Apprenticeship in Victoria.

The PFGA is committed to the Apprenticeship and is working very diligently to restore the Apprenticeship.  


For the Picture Framing Apprenticeship to recommence in Victoria, the PFGA on behalf of the Picture Framing Industry requires the support of the Picture Framing Industry.

Please complete the attached survey and REPLY BY 31 MARCH 2003.

(Please indicate YES or NO to the following questions).

The PFGA would also appreciate letters of support from Picture Framers.

Your assistance and support is necessary and vital in our discussions with Government authorities and also for the recommencement of the Picture Framing Apprenticeship.

Your assistance will be very much appreciated by the PFGA.

Picture Framers’ survey responses, (this page only), and/or letters of support are to be on your Company’s letterhead and emailed to Neil Craven, the PFGA Executive Officer at

Picture Framers seeking further information may also contact Neil on 0419 500 609.

Picture Framers who respond will be advised of all developments by direct email and all further developments will be published on this website and in PFGA Member newsletters. 


Recently, the Federal Government added the Picture Framing Apprenticeship to the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List.  The effect of this government announcement means additional funding and incentives for the Picture Framing employer and its apprentices.

  • A wage subsidy to employers of apprentices in priority occupations, set at 10% of the apprentice’s wage in the first year, 10% in the second year and 5% in the third year.
  • A direct payment to apprentices in priority occupations, of up to $1,250 paid every six months for a maximum of two years, up to a total value of $5,000, to help apprentices with cost-of-living pressures and to assist them to stay in their apprenticeship.


An Apprenticeship in the Picture Framing Industry provides many benefits for employers and employees. 

  • The Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for an employee to pursue a career path;
  • The Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for an employee’s skills and knowledge to be recognised and acknowledged.
  • The Apprenticeship provides a purpose to employees.
  • The employee receives training.
  • The employee receives accredited assessment on skills and knowledge attained in the workplace.
  • The employee gains personal esteem with each skill recognised.
  • The Apprenticeship provides to the employer a means for retaining staff.
  • There are Government incentives for employers.
  • The training is completed on-site.
  • There is minimal disruption to the workplace as the Apprenticeship is conducted at the worksite.  There is no weekly attendance required at TAFE’s or block releases.
  • The Apprenticeship is Nationally accredited.
  • The competency units and modules of the Australian Picture Framing Apprenticeship were developed by Australian Picture Framers who are dedicated to the implementation and observance of standards of the highest quality in the Picture Framing Industry.
  • The competency units and modules are reviewed and updated following representation and input of Australian Picture Framers to reflect modern trends in the industry including the introduction of new technology and techniques.
  • Upon completion, the employer is able to market that at employer’s Picture Framing premises and/or workshop, all work is performed by trade qualified employees.
  • The employer’s reputation and standing as an employer of qualified trade employees is enhanced.


During the past ten years, in excess of 50 Apprentices in Victoria, have successfully completed the Apprenticeship, thereby ensuring a high level of quality in the performance of Picture Framing.  

All Picture Framers are recommended to enroll their employees in the Apprenticeship.

The Certificate III – Picture Framing Trade Apprenticeship is 95% work placed based with each Apprentice historically only required to attend an RTO for 3-6 days in total during the Apprenticeship.  This requirement is subject to the TAFE’s internal procedures and any past other relevant qualifications possessed by the Apprentice.

The Certificate III – Picture Framing Trade Apprenticeship is nationally recognised and endorsed by all Registered Training Organisations in Australia and is part of the Australian Qualification Network.

The Apprenticeship Training Package Units of Competency and modules were developed in 2002 by Picture Framing Industry representatives including full time Picture Framers of many years’ experience and expertise.  It was developed to reflect the specific needs of the Picture Framing Industry.

The Training Package provides for the delivery of structured accredited training.

The Training Package comprises three key components including:

  • Competency standards, providing units of competency that describe workplace outcomes;
  • Assessment Guidelines, detailing the industry requirements for assessment; and
  • A Qualifications Framework outlining the Units of Competency is part of the nationally recognized qualifications.

Promotion of Qualifications

The PFGA and its members are proud of a Picture Framer’s qualifications.  Picture Framers are encouraged to display their qualifications, particularly those of their Apprentices.  The display of the Picture Framers qualifications says to their customers, that their item for framing will be framed by a qualified Picture Framer who will take the additional care and ensure the relevant Picture Framing Standards and materials are expertly applied. 

Moreover, for the Apprentice, it is recognition of their skills, aptitude and knowledge and displays their pride in their work.


  • Employers are able to convert existing employees to the Picture Framing Apprenticeship;
  • Where an existing employee is already performing the skills relevant to the Picture Framing Industry, the skills and knowledge already attained through the employee’s experience in the Picture Framing Industry are able to be recognised.  The employee receives credit for their skills and knowledge attained.
  • In respect of wage rates, the Apprentice must receive at least the Award minimum rate of pay.
  • The age of the existing employee who becomes an apprentice is not relevant.
  • The Apprenticeship is available to all employees, regardless of their age.
  • There are separate Award rates of pay for adult apprentices which are marginally more than for than for Apprentices who commence their apprenticeship under the age of 21;


Assessment of an Apprentice is performed at the workplace.  

Where an apprentice has completed additional training, (e.g. carpentry), the Apprentice will be given prior recognition for units completed.  

Where the apprentice is assessed at their workplace, he or she will need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as well as present examples of the completed units.

Experienced Picture Framers will be credited with Units of Competency where they are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

The Certificate III – Picture Framing Trade Apprenticeship is for normally a three-year Apprenticeship.  However, is not unusual for an apprentice to complete their apprenticeship in two years where the employee has previous experience in the Picture Framing Industry.

The Certificate III – Picture Framing Trade Apprenticeship is thorough, genuine and nationally accredited.

Wage Rates for Apprentices and Contracts of Employment

The PFGA provides to its members a schedule of wage rates applicable to Apprentices and Adult Apprentices and also prepare Contracts of Employment.  

Further information re: Picture Framing Apprenticeships; contact PFGA Executive Officer, Neil Craven on 0419 500 609 or by email; 

  • MOHS200A Work Safely 30hr
  • MSUP102A Communicate in the workplace 20hr
  • SFGN2001 Make measurement and calculations 30hr
  • MUSP106A Work in a team 30hr
  • AENV272B Participate in environment sustainable work practices 30hr
  • SFPF2001 Use picture framing sector hand and power tools 40hr
  • SFPF2002 Cut mouldings to length 28hr
  • SFPF2003 Join mouldings 40hr
  • SFPF2004 Mount Artwork 52hr
  • SFPF2005 Cut mat boards 44hr
  • SFPF2006 Cut and handle glazing materials for framing 24hr
  • SFPF2007 Assemble a basic artwork package 40hr
  • SFPF2008 Recognise and repair finishes of framing materials 44hr
  • SFPF3001 De-frame artwork 32hr
  • SFPF3002 Decorate mat boards 48hr
  • SFPF3003 Set up and operate CNC machines for picture framing work 60hr
  • SFPF3004 Prepare textiles for framing 60hr
  • SFPF3005 Recognise and handle artwork for framing 60hr
  • SFPF3006 Prepare design requirements for framing 48hr
  • SFPF3007 Apply frame finishes 48hr
  • SFPF3008 Assemble artwork package (complex) 60hr
  • SFPF3009 Install artwork 28hr